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480 D Moorhouse Ave, Waltham
New Zealand.

PO Box 10075 Christchurch
New Zealand.

Phone+64 3 3791400,
fax +64 3 3791401

or Ph 0800 4 TVFIX



The OPTUS D1 satellite transmits the freeview TV service and currently includes channels TV1, TV2, TV3, Bravo, TV1plus1, TV2plus1, TV3plus1, Bravo+1, PRIME, CHOICE, Maori, The Edge, Duke, Hope, Shopping, Shine, Parliament, TeReo, SHINE.  Radio:National, Concert, Radio-3, George FM, Base FM, Grooves_itv

The OPTUS D2 Satellite is an International Broadcast with channels from Greece, Romania, Netherlands, the Middle East, US Christian Channels and more (over 30 channels). (The only english speaking channel on D2 you may find will be a religious one)

DIY DISH KITSETS FROM $318.00 includes decoder box ($189 without decoder box), 65cm Dish, LNB,  mount (10 meters of cable and plugs inc). Or fully installed from $399  (without decoder) in the Christchurch area. (Excess mileage applies if you live in a rural area)

We are stockists of Receivers, Dishes, LNBs, Mounts, Cable etc. See prices at the bottom of this page.

There are many Satellite transmissions out there, if you want to see programming for a particular channel or want to know what channels are available then to to This is a very helpfull site for Satellite information.

For more information please contact Nick on 03 379-1400

Please Note: We supply parts and labour in good faith. All Satellite transmissions are liable to change at anytime, this is beyond our control.

CARAVAN DISH KITS/SETS $210  This kit simply unfolds ready to peg or weight down to the ground, next to your caravan or camper. Comes ready to go complete with 10Mtrs of cable. (A satellite finder is a recommended extra. These are $23)

Satellite receiver hardware:       

65cm...$84 (Std Size(Size Sky Use))
Universal mounts for the above Dishes:

Standard (facia type)...$25
Steel Roof...$49
$45 (Quality TRIAX)  

Satellite Receivers

Hi Definition Terrestrial Receivers
From $129

Satellite finders from only...$23 

Other materials available.               

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